35 Years

Combined Research Experience

200,000 +

Patients in our Database

47 Locations

and growing

454 Trials


We are dedicated to you and all your research needs

Onsite Clinical Solutions

OnSite Clinical Solutions, LLC is a research company that works with local physicians to connect patients with Phase I-IV clinical trial opportunities.

PI Services

Train principal investigator and perform research at no cost to site

Sponsor Services

Partnering with board certified physicians to aid in becoming qualified Principal Investigators

Patient Services

Participate in a clinical trial and get medication and treatment at no cost

Site Services

Help with any research related needs

Great Team

Our team is made up of passionate people that love doing research and ultimately helping those in need.

Accuracy in all we do

We strive to do everything to the higher possible degree when it comes to standards and your protocols.

Multiple Sites

We are in multiple locations to be close to those that will help complete your research.

Board Certified Doctors

Our investigators are Board Certified in the specialties they research, meaning they have more knowledge to help your research get done properly.

Number of Completed Studies

Allergy/Immunology/Vaccines: 2
Anesthesiology: 10
Cardiology: 6
Endocrinology: 17
Gastroenterology: 25
Hematology: 7
Infectious Diseases: 2
Internal Medicine / Family Practice: 55
Nephrology: 1
Neurology: 42
Oncology: 7
Pain Management: 75
Pathology / Misc: 10
Pediatrics: 5
Pharmacology: 150
Rheumatology: 20
Sexual Disfunction: 7
Sleep Disorders: 8
Surgery: 10

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